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Getting Started
Selecting your Apphirmations from the Web
Narrow Down your Product Search
Buying the Apphirmations
Getting Started on your Device

Playing Apphirmations
Creating a Playlist
Playing your Playlist
Creating Personal Apphirmations
Managing my Apphirmations
Putting Music on your Device

How to listen to the specialised Apphirmations sets these include the allergy set, Optimal learning and more

Apphirmations Video 1
Here you learn how to go to the Apphirmations website to register, login and select you Apphirmations of choice.


Apphirmations Video 2
Here you learn how to download the App from the Play Store, how to login and play Apphirmations


Apphirmations Video 3
Here you learn how to play your Apphirmations with music. If you download music from the internet, you need to move it from the Download directory to the Music directory on the Device!. The app can only access music that is on the Device (not on the SD card





Thank you for downloading Apphirmations for your Android phone or tablet.
You can use the program to play our pre-recorded Apphirmations, subliminals, visualisations, prayers, etc. and play them with the music you like to hear.

You can also record your own Apphirmations in your own language, in your own voice, to suit your personal situation completely. We strongly advise you to also read the Formulating Apphirmations, to get maximum benefits from this app.


Getting Started

Before you can play your Apphirmations, you need to download some of our (free) Apphirmations or create your own Apphirmations.

Make sure you RTFM (Read This F…abulous Manual) this user guide and the [Formulating Apphirmations] carefully for tips and extra information.
If the program is not performing properly, exit the program completely before going back in again. In most cases this sorts out the problem, please contact us at  if it is not working properly and we will work on removing the bug


Selecting your Apphirmations

Go to the shop on to select the Apphirmations of your choice. Some are for free, the others are for a small fee.

Narrow Down Your Product Search

  1. Price: This slide can be used to select the maximum price of the products you want to view. All prices are in US Dollars. When sliding the slider completely to the left, you will see all the free products we have in store for you.
  2. Product Type: We have different products e.g. Apphirmations, Prayers, Visualisations, Subliminals recorded by John Broome, etc.
  3. Category: Within the Product type we have different Categories and Subcategories


Buying the Product of Your Choice

When you slide your cursor over a product, it gives you the option to read more detailed information, or to add it to your chart.


After you have selected all the products of your choice. You check out and pay. We use PayPal as our safe pay gate. So we don’t get to see your credit card details at all. You can pay with filling in your credit card details, or if you have a PayPal account you only have to use your email address and your secret password to make your payment.


Getting Started on Your Device

Login once on your device.

Accept the disclaimer once.

We can use the App to play subliminal messages. Know that how we treat others, will come back to us. 

This is why it is important that we only use the App to uplift ourselves and others.


Playing Apphirmations

Go to [Player] from your menu
Click on [Click here to add Apphirmations]

It will open up the [My Apphirmations] page

Select Apphirmations you want to play.

You can select more than one. 

A little tick will appear on the right hand side

Click [Done] at the bottom of the page, to go back to the [Player] page

Press [Play] to play your Apphirmations. With the blue slide you can set the volume of the Apphirmations.

The Music Player has also a slide and you can choose if you want your Apphirmations to be audible or make them subliminal, by adjusting the volume of the Apphirmations to a soft whisper.

It is best to use only instrumental music, when playing Apphirmations subliminally. Then your subconscious mind can pick up the subliminal messages easily.

Click at the bottom on [Music Player]

With the music player you need to select the songs you want to play.

It will open your folder list.

Go to your music folder (On your device, not on the SD card)

Here it will display all your music folders you have on your device.

Click on the folder to display the songs in the folder

Select the songs you want to listen to by touching the notes. (Not the little box where the tick appears)
If you want to add songs from other folders, use the arrow in the top left corner to get to the other folders. 

After selecting all your songs, press [Done]

It will take you back to your [Music Player]
You can now see all the songs you have selected.
If you want the music to continuously play, click on the loop icon on the right before you press play. If you press loop while a song is playing, it will loop that song.
You can easily manoeuvre backwards and forwards, between the Apphirmations Player and Music Player to adjust the volumes for your ideal sound ratios


Creating a Playlist

If you don’t want to select your songs every time, it is better to create a playlist

In your menu select [Playlist]

Click on the [+] in the top left corner

Type in the name of your new playlist
Press Ok

Then add your music in the same way you selecting your music with the music player.

Then select [Done]

And your playlist has been created.


Playing your Playlist

In your menu select [Playlist]] to open your Playlist list.
Select your play list
It will open a window for you to select what you want to do with your playlist.
If you select [Use] it will open your music player for you.


Creating Personal Apphirmations

One of the unique features of the App is that you can record Apphirmations in your own voice, in your own language to suite your unique circumstances

In your menu select {Create Apphirmation]

Key in your Apphirmation Title

You can add a description, if you want

Then select a picture from your gallery or take a picture to add to your Apphirmation

Press [Rec] to open your voice recorder to record your Apphirmation.


Managing your Apphirmations

If you don’t want to display all your downloaded Apphirmations on your phone, you can delete them. If you want to load them again, login on Go to [My Apphirmations] (see the first picture on this user guide). Here you can see all your active Purchased Apphirmations.

When you click on [Open deleted products] it will open a window with all your deleted Apphirmations, where you can reactivate them.
Next time you go to [My Apphirmations] on your device, it will show that you have Apphirmations to download.


Putting Music on Your Device

If you have a CD, you can rip the CD, by using your Windows Music Player for PCs or its equivalent for Apple Mac computers.

The program stores the Ripped CD in a folder in your music directory, most likely under the name of the artist.
Then connect your phone or tablet (iPad) with the cable to your computer.
Copy the CD’s folder from your computer to the music directory on your device directly (not on the SD card)
Now you can access the music with your Apphirmations music player.


Downloading the App and Populating My Apphirmations

Go to the Android Google Play store and download the free App called Apphirmations

Log in with the login details we have given you.

Populate [My Apphirmations] by going to My Apphirmations

Click on the little red ball you see in your left hand top corner.




I am continuously adding new recordings. So when you are in the App and you go to my Apphirmations and little red ball appears in your top left corner, click on it, so that it will download the latest ones. (See below under Downloading the App and Populating my Apphirmations)

Selecting the Apphirmations to Play

Once you know how to muscle check yourself, you can check where you need to start

The muscle check answers for your body, so your body will tell you want it needs.


1.    Do I start with A 1- Releasing Your Fears? If yes ask:

2.    If yes, muscle check for how many days (or nights) you should listen to it.

3.    Then listen to the A 2 Overcoming allergies after the A1-Releasing your Fears.

4.    Listen to A 3

5.    Listen to A 4


After completing listening to Apphirmations A1 – A4, you check,

For how many days to I listen to B 1-BMBS?

When you are finished with B-1 BMBS,

Then check. For how many days do I listen to B2-Protein?

Do I play it in combination with B1-BMBS?

And so you listen to each one with or without combining with B1-BMBS.


Whenever you listen to a new set of Apphirmation, the first time listen to it audibly and say ”Yes” to each Apphirmation you want to absorb. The recording starts with “Creating the Atmosphere that is ….” This is for the people who hear the Apphirmations, but they haven’t said “yes” to them yet.


The next time you listen you can play it very softly, preferably at night, so that it goes straight into the subconscious.

A4 is about 16 min, B1-BMBS is just over 30 min. All the others are between 4 -10 minutes.


It is highly recommendable to work through the basic B1 to B16, before addressing your specific allergies. Much of the stress in the body comes from our inability to absorb our foods properly.


 How to Use the Allergy Relief Set and other sets properly

  For you to optimally use the Allergy Apphirmations, The Optimal Learning Set or you are part of the "breaking Free from Addiction program, it is advisable to watch the videos on the home screen of the App.


 Here you will find the following videos that I want you to watch:

1.   Allergy relief series. These Videos give much information on what allergies are, how they start and what you can do to release them. 

2.    The Forgiveness Challenge. I urge you to take it, even if you don’t video yourself. I see it my practice all the time how people feel so much better after forgiving others and themselves.

3.    Muscle Check Yourself. It is really useful to have a method of checking which Apphirmations you must play and for how long. Muscle Checking is a technique developed by doctors in 1912.

4.      PACE is a Brain Gym video to show you how to integrate the mind and body system to reduce stress. It is advisable to make these exercises part of your daily routine.

You get optimum results with the Apphirmations when working through all the recordings in chronological order as suggested below.

Listening to the Allergy Relief Set in Chronological Order

  1. 0 The Allergy Relief Set. This one gives you an overview on how to listen to the Allergy Relief Set. This one does not have to be repeated like the others.
  2. Then work through all the recordings in chronological order, starting with A 1- Releasing Your Fears.

With the muscle check you ask:

3. After completing A1 listen to the A 2 Overcoming allergies

With each Apphirmation, use the muscle check to ask:

4. Listen to A 3
5. Listen to A 4
6. Listening to A5 is optional
7. After completing listening to Apphirmations A1 – A4, you check,

For how many days to I listen to [B 1-BMBS]?  
If you have used the B1 already in combination with A1-A5, you might not need to listen to it separately.

8. After B-1 BMBS you start with [B2-Protein]  

With the muscle check you ask:

If you are not sure about your muscle check, listen to each recording at least one day and combine each on with the [B1-BMBS] and [The Brain-Body Integration]
Most people have seen a significant improvement within a few weeks

Listening to the Apphirmations

You can listen to the Apphirmations audibly or subliminally by turning the volume down to a soft whisper.
You can also combine the Apphirmations with music of your choice, as described under Playing Apphirmations

It is unnecessary to sit still and listen to the Apphirmations. It works very well to listen to them while exercising, while doing other activities or while sleeping.

If you find it disturbs your sleep, then create a long playlist. Select the playlist without looping it and the Apphirmations will stop playing when the playlist has come to an end.

The key to success it to ensure that listening the Apphirmations is a relaxing and pleasant experience!

Why do you listen to the Allergy Relief Set, when dealing with other issues?

Many learning difficulties are triggered or aggravated by allergies. This is why it is strongly recommended to work through the allergy recordings.
Addictions are also caused by allergies. When you are allergic to a substance, your body will either reject the substance or crave it (Addiction)

After finishing listening to all the Apphirmations

Once you worked through the whole set in chronological order and you still have some symptoms, you can work through them again.
In the second round you use the muscle check which ones you need to listen to.
It is time you start combining Apphirmation Sets  
Below we give you some possible combinations.
You might be able to play them all at once, or not. Muscle check what your body wants.

Milk Allergies

Sinus issues


Bowel issues

Nut allergies

Allergies for Bees and insect bites

Allergies to sea-food

Alcohol problems

If you have severe allergies, you might need to listen to the recording many times.
If you are anaphylactic, you probably will have other symptoms too, e.g. other allergies, high anxiety levels etc.  Look out for a significant reduction in the other symptoms first. Then it could be advisable to redo your blood tests, before trying out the foods you are anaphylactic for.
If you want to re-introduce the foods you are anaphylactic for, do it in consultation with your health professional

We do not claim or guarantee that your allergies will be healed and that it will be safe to eat everything again. You are using the App at your own risk.

Clcik Here to Download How to listen to the Sepcialised Sets

Have fun and take some risks


Hanna K - Inner-Wellbeing  Strategist
Cell:  +27 (0)82 856 6655
Author of “Happy Ever After, Make your relationships flourish”